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About the Clinic:

Hands that Heal Massage Therapy Clinic is a sole proprietorship, it started as a home based practice, in Toronto evolving over the past 5 years, and has now relocated to 4602 Third Avenue; Niagara Falls Ontario.

Being a home based practice this clinic is limited in it's resources and does not have amenities that would be necessary when treating clients with severe disabilities and mobility issues. Please note this practice is limited to clients who do not require ramps or elevators.

About the Therapist:

Dolly Carlos, RMT - graduated from Sutherland Chan Massage and Teaching Clinic in 2010. After becoming licensed, she practiced at various clinics within the Greater Toronto Area, as well as working from home occasionally.

An avid learner and practitioner, she has certified in courses such as General Articulation Techniques, Therapeutic/Dynamic/Athletic Taping,Lymph Drainage, IFC/TENS Electrotherapy, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Graston (IASTM) technique Level 1, Deep Tissue, Indie Head Massage, Sports Massage, Thai Fusion Massage, Myofascial Release Techniques, Accupressure, Therapeutic Cold Laser/Phototherapy, Massage Therapy in Water .... to name a few.

* Some of the equipment based modalities are not incorporated in treatment unless prior discussion and consent is received from the client's General Practitioner. IASTM techniques such as Graston Techniques are not offered due to proprietary instruments required, which are not available for use at this time.

In each of her treatments she blends several modalities to enhance the therapeutic effectiveness of each treatment, modifying her techniques to suit client comfort and requirements. Find her on RMT Find searches Carlos or College of Massage Therapist Ontario Website

Services Offered at this Clinic Location:

Sports Massage, Pre and Post Natal Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Post Surgical/ Injury Rehab Treatments, Relaxation Swedish Massage, Thai-Fusion Massage, Indie Head Massage and TMJD treatment

Important Notice:

* Your health history has to be filled out completely and accurately, please list all your issues ..... Omissions of full health disclosure (what you do not put down in your health history) might end up in an unsafe treatment for you, the therapist cannot be blamed in such scenarios. If unsure about massage treatments for your condition - get a doctor's note or recommendation.

*30 minutes treatments are basically for small regional areas such as head/neck/shoulders, or hands and feet

*Thai massage is done over your clothes on the floor or the table, therapist uses hands and feet to treat you

*For indie head massage - advance booking is required, same day bookings are not available

* Insurance receipts are only issued for clinic posted or promoted service prices. Only on-line payments are accepted at this time prior to treatments!

* Treatment prices are subject to change and will be posted on the clinic website as well as within the clinic premises.

*Cancellation charges are 50% of the posted rate and will apply to last minute cancellations and cancellations made after 24 hour grace period and for no shows! No shows are clients who have not contacted the clinic past 20 minutes of their treatment time and have not shown for treatment appointment!

*Clinic Packages/Gift Certificates/ Third Party Discount Vouchers - are transferable, the paid amount has no expiration date, but Package/GC/Voucher holders cannot be issued insurance receipts only their treatment reports at $120 flatrate! Photocopies and mailing of Health History forms and treatment records $20.

*Promotional prices have expiration dates, amounts received by the clinic cannot be refunded but will be adjusted against regular posted rates after the promotional offer has expired. Services which have promotional prices, purchases made from third party can not be receipted for insurance purposes. eg: groupon, living social, team buy, special discount ads in kijji or craigslist etc...

*On-Line Purchase Packages on the clinic Website are pre-paid packages, clients have to buy the package ahead of time and then approach the clinic for appointment requests.

*All Treatments have to be prepaid - Please purchase the treatment you wish to receive at the clinic webstore, then call or email to book your appointments. On site payments are no longer accepted, bookings are not made unless services have been purchased.

Why Choose Hands That Heal Massage Therapy Clinic?

If you are looking for treatment that is effective, safe and helps you relax and achieve your goals. Look no further!

If you are seeking a therapist who is knowledgeable, caring and client centred, then Dolly Carlos is your therapist of choice.

If you enjoy a professional yet warm and friendly set up where you can forget the stress that surrounds your everyday life, Hands That Heal Massage Therapy Clinic is where you will find it!

It's your choice to choose a clinic and a therapist that suits your needs and is focused on your goals! Make your choice, and enjoy an excellent experience, time and again ......

Book your appointment FAST & EASY!

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