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A brief break down of 60 minute massage therapy treatment -

A 60 minute massage therapy treatment typically begins when the client walks in for their appointment, starts filling out their forms, disccuses their problem areas with the therapist, any assessments and tests that the therapist might perform .... and then proceeds to disrobe/or stay clothed and get ready on the massage table/floormat ... in a manner previously discussed and agreed to. The treatment can consist of, but is not limited to massage techniques. Please be aware that joint mobilisations, use of devices (eg; ultrasound, tens, cold laser), exercises and supervised self care might form whole or part of the overall 60 minutes treatment.

Please note, if you come early to fill out your forms, then your treatment time starts early ..... filling out forms is part of your treatment time, so is discussing your problem areas, and the focus of the treatment you want, self care and remedial exercises are also part of your treatment time.

Thai Fusion Massage - Floor or Table version!

It is a very intense, rejuvenating and yet a very relaxing massage modality that helps people to improve their flexibility and ranges of movements!

This type of massage traditionally is provided on a carpet or a floor mat, however it can also be provided in limited scope on the table as well. The client is fully clothed in comfortable yoga or gym wear. The therapist uses both hands and feet when treating clients.This type of treatment includes yoga type poses and assisted stretches. In this modality, adhesions, pressure points are treated as well as fascial restrictions and joint restrictions.

Caution - It is not recommended for people suffering from joint or spine instabilities due to injuries of tendon, bones or ligaments. Conditions such as osteoporosis, ankylosing spondylitis, spondylolisthesis, severe forms of osteo or rheumatoid arthritis, fractures, tendonopathies of the wrists, elbows, hips, knees and ankles; tissue fragility would make this type of treatment unsafe and dangerous! There are many more conditions not listed that could cause harm, and so treatment might be denied. If not sure of your condition as being contra-indicated for this type of treatment - please seek your doctor's approval.

* Important Notice

Due to the heavy lifting, involved in this type of treatment ..... Thai massage treatment on the floor mat, might not be provided by the therapist if the client weight exceeds therapist weight by 25lbs, the therapist weighs 130lbs. This measure is being taken to make sure the treatment is carried out in safety for both the service provider and the service receipient, and to avoid accidents resulting in harm or injuries to both parties!

Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage is best suited to people who have contractures, adhesions, trigger points and have chronic muscle tightness. This type of treatment can be quite intense as it incorporates extensive use of myofascial release techniques which at times can be very painful and uncomfortable. The pressure of this treatment is usually medium to deep, depending on the tissue tolerance of the clients. Key point to remember is that each individual's pain tolerance is different, and so pain scale reporting is relative to the tissue tolerance and pain threshold of each person. Eg: Individual 'A' reports deep pressure on mid back as a 5/10 on a pain scale, while individual 'B' reports it at 8/10 when provided with same depth of pressure in the exact location.

Caution - Post treatment tenderness and discomfort is usually normal and can last from 24 hours to 4 days. Although rare, but sometimes clients can develop bruising due to use of extensive scar tissue work or ischemic compression techniques for trigger point treatments! This type of treatment isn't relaxing for most clients, although a few clients might be exceptions!

Sports Massage

Most often beneficial for those people who are active in sports and athletic pursuits, and often develop problems related to their sports, such as tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, IT Band Syndrome, Repetitive Stress Syndromes in limbs, Basket Ball Player's Shoulders and Legs, Volley Ball Player's Throwing Arm and Hand issues etc....

Sports massage is usually done as treatment specific to sports related injury or problem the client is complaining about! It is done on a region of complaint, and incorporates techniques that can be painful and uncomfortable.

Caution - Post treatment tenderness and discomfort can occur lasting 24 hours to 4 days! If a lot of scar tissue work has been provided, bruising might be seen in some instances.

* Important Notice

90 minute Sports massages are restorative in nature and so full body treatments will be performed along with treatment of specific areas of concern.

Swedish Massage - Relaxation

Soothing and relaxing massage used for improving circulation, de-stressing, enhancing the feeling of well being promoting health, and treating minor discomforts that do not require deeper tissue treatments, using light pressure! Suitable for those who just want to relax their bodies and refresh their depleted sense of tranquility and calm. Very beneficial for people suffering from anxiety, depression or nervous disorders, people working or living in high stress environment.

Specialty Massages

Indie Head Massage, or Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction/Disorder (TMJD) Treatments .........

These massages are very specific to a region, or type of treatment involved and usually is named in a way as to be self explanatory!